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Throughout this 6-week program we will not only help you tone and shape your lower body but also grow and round out your butt. We will put you through a variety of different lower body workouts that will challenge you to work hard and help you get those desired results. The best thing about this program is that we will help you do all of this from the comfort of your own home.

-No equipment is needed

-You don’t have to pay for a gym membership

-30 to 40 minute workouts

 So there’s NO EXCUSES. All you need is yourself, great work ethic and a positive, fun attitude and you’re all set for these 6-weeks!

  • All of the information presented in this digital file was developed and owned by Run It Up Sport Performance LLC. This program is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This information may not be duplicated, shared or distributed without permission of the creators. 

    While all of our programs were developed to help fitness individuals achieve desired results, purchasing this program is not a guarantee. Results may vary and We are not responsible for non-desired results after going through this program. 

    Run It Up Sport Performance also recommends that every individual should consult with their primary care physician before engaging in our training programs. Agreeing to engage in this program you are also agreeing to do so at your own risk. You are voluntarily participating assuming all risk of injury to yourself or others. You are also agreeing to release and discharge Run It Up Sport Performance LLC from any and all claims and causes of action out of the negligence of Run It Up Sport Performance LLC. 

     Adult supervision is recommended for people under 16 years old. Anyone 13 years old or younger should refrain from weight lifting.

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