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Coach Tyler Richardson

NASM Certified Fitness Trainer/Volleyball Performance Coach 

Born and raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan, NASM certified performance coach Tyler Richardson spent her adolescent and teenage years involved in various sports including cheerleading and basketball until primarily focusing on her love of the game of volleyball. After graduating from Ypsilanti high school, she went on to play at Middle Tennessee State University, before transferring to The Ohio State University. While attending she went to the Sweet 16 two years in a row. In 2016 she graduated with her degree in Sports Industry and went on to play professionally in Japan, Denmark, Israel, and Germany. 

Name, Title

I began focusing on training after finding purpose within my own fitness journey. For me working out became a way to honor myself and God as this commitment increased, my confidence, my self-love, my relationship with God, and my disciplinary skills. As a trainer, I want to help women feel good about the way they look and teach them to love and enjoy the process. 

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